Facts About Fabric Tensile Structures

Tensile structures are widely used as a way of protection against the weather in public places. It is because of structures like these can span large distances and be aesthetically pleasing at the same time. They are usually supported by some type of compression or bending the elements.

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Why use fabric in tensile structures

Fabric can facilitate great spans than conventional building materials, with a less supporting structure. Better translucency and organic shapes bring the feeling of the outside inside. It also gives shade and protection from the weather.

Is it cost effective

Upon comparing it with concrete and steel construction, there is an economy of cost per square meter, longevity, and strength with fabric. The main cost saving arrives with reduced installation time. It is due to the support structure and fabric membrane is pre-fabricated and assembled on site.

What is tension

It is the force used to pull the molecular structure of material apart. The most efficient way of using any material as it uses the whole cross section at maximum efficiency instead of just the material at the extreme of the cross-sectional.

What is a tensioned fabric structure

The right tensile fabric structures are those in which each and every part of the fabric is in the tension. A fundamental rule for stability is, tensioned fabric structures must be curved equally in opposite ways by doing this the canopy gets 3-dimensional stability.

How is a 3-dimensional form achieved

The 3-dimensional form of any canopy is achieved not by elastic fabric instead by cutting the fabric and bringing it together to create the final shape. The fabric is put during the installation process and is known as pre-tension.

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