Why are covered walkways the need of the hour

Covered walkways are gaining huge popularity amongst hospitals, malls, tourist spots and pilgrim centres. Pilgrimage places generally have long queues and people visiting these places wish to be safe from the blazing sun and the downpour. Malls need covered walkways to provide a comfortable and sophisticated shopping experience to the shopaholics. Hospitals count on the covered walkways to protect the patients and visitors from an unexpected rain and the stamina draining hot sun. Covered walkways come as great rescue as they have numerous advantages. Using tensile structures to cover the walkways have greater benefits and installing them is pretty simple. Poles are erected on the sides of the walkways and fibres are used to form the roof structure. A thin fabric is then stretched over the fiber to form a covered walkway.

Benefits of Tensile covered walkways

  • They are easy to install and hence the day-to-day operation of the premises will not be affected during the installation.
  • They are UV resistant and give you a comprehensive protection from the harmful UV rays of the sun.
  • The roofing fabric is available in various degrees of translucency to let or block the sunlight entering the walkway.
  • They are available in multiple vibrant colors and add aesthetics to the walkway.
  • They reflectivity of the fabric can be custom made to absorb or reflect the sunlight depending on the climate of the place.
  • They are economical than permanent roofing solutions.
  • They are waterproof and fungus proof and stand the test of time.